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Playing Survivor on the Bacuit Archipelago near el Nido-Palawan!

Who never dreamt of playing Survivor? It is possible on the Bacuit Archipelago near El Nido on the Palawan Island in the Philippines. The Bacuit Bay near el Nido in Palawan offers indeed a magical landscape combining turquoise blue water, calcareous islets, wonderful beaches…

Bacuit Archipelago

1) Some information about the Bacuit Archipelago near El Nido in Palawan- Philippines

The Palawan Island is situated at the West of the Philippines between the Sulu Sea and Southern China. It is a quite deserted island where nature gives us a constant delight.

desert beach

At the North of the Island there is the small town of El Nido placed in a wonderful setting between white calcareous cliffs and the Bacuit Archipelago. Lost of the houses overlook the beach and some of them are used as bungalows to accommodate passing tourists: you’ll feel far away from the holiday rental, quite luxurious but the landscape is so beautiful that you’ll forget about it.

nemo philippines

The Bacuit Archipelago opposite el Nido will amaze you at every moment; it is the jewel of Palawan. It is a gathering of different shapes islets with fantastic beaches, turquoise blue water and lagoons to explore. One season of Survivor might have been filmed there.

2) Playing Survivor on the bacuit archipelago near el Nido – Palawan

At El Nido, numerous companies offer daily excursions to explore the Bacuit Archipelago. It is pleasant but doesn’t give the possibility to see all the islands and we generally get stuck in the middle of the bay surrounded by other boats loaded with tourists.


So, we chose another option, we decides to go for two days on a small boat with a Filipino guide and a very nice Dutch couple who accepted to come with us ( interesting to share the cost which was even though not so high). The advantage was that we took a route completely different from the other excursions and we were almost alone every time we stopped.

camping bacuit archipelago

In spite of the numerous trips I did around the world, I found there wonderful beaches, deserted and even more beautiful than the ones in Thailand or anywhere else. The most beautiful beach in the world is maybe this one.

boat palawan

At every stop we saw places more beautiful one than another, some you could only access swimming… a quick dive of a few meters under the rocks of a cliff and a hidden lagoon in the middle of an island. In the evening we settled on a beach to camp, savouring a delicious grilled, on wood fire, fish, pretending to be Survivor adventurers. Comfort is quite basic, mosquitoes are present but you’ll live a unique moment.

3) A few useful elements about El Nido and the Bacuit Archipelago

Such a magical moment has to be earned; you can’t get there from France very quickly…first of all going to the Philippines, which means at least 12 hours. Then you have to get to the Palawan Island by plane: the cheapest option being to get to Puerto Princessa at the centre of the Island. Finally, you get to El Nido by bus using a damaged road, for about 7 hours.

Some flights get directly to El Nido from Manila but the prices are quite high.

el nido palawan

About the accommodation, it is very easy to find a cheap hotel in El Nido, even if there are not a lot of them and that they are quickly full.

pig palawan

It is better to arrive early in the morning to get the place when the other tourists leave. Once settled, you’ll just have to enjoy and go playing the Survivor adventurers on the Bacuit Archipelago. And to have a little fun, you can also see that in El Nido.

Have you ever been to the Bacuit Archipelago near El Nido-Palawan? Did you like it?

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