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The most beautiful beach in the world: where is it?

Sunbathing on the most beautiful beach on earth, we all dream of it. The heavenly beaches are so numerous that it is difficult to choose which one is the best. Here is my ranking.

 1) For me the most beautiful beach on earth: el Nido – the Philippines

 With its thousands of islands the Philippines obviously abound in beaches and luckily, not the least beautiful. The one or rather the ones I prefer are located at the north of the Palawan Island in El Nido.

most beautiful beach in the world

After several hours travelling by plane and then by bus on very damaged roads, the reward is totally worth it at the arrival. The bay is splendid and the deserted beaches of the uninhabited islets around are all more beautiful than the others: turquoise blue water, fine sand, few tourists, wonderful sea beds and calcareous rocks. Here is a sneak peek:

 2) Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica: For me the 2nd most beautiful beach

 Wonderful country, Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. On each side, the beaches are beautiful, but I have a preference for the beach of Manuel Antonio on the East Coast, small beach of fine sand, not as wild as the one of El Nido in the Philippines, alongside runs the jungle which comes right on the sand. The fauna of the Manuel Antonio reserve is rich:  monkeys, sloths, snakes, crocodiles not so far away.


 I add that this beach is very pleasant for surfing and observe the sunset.

 3) Camps Bay – South Africa

 Between the Indian and Atlantic oceans, South Africa also gets a large number of beaches. Less known and paradisiacal than the ones in Thailand, they are yet splendid and wild. My opinion is probably subjective as I really love this country, but the Camps Bay beach in Cape Town is for me the most beautiful in the world. Much more urban than the ones before, it is situated very close from the centre of Cape Town. Bordered by the 12 mountains (the 12 apostles) of about 1000 meters high, everything is made for you to relax at walking distance from the city: pal trees, white sands, clear water, and waves to surf and festive atmosphere in the bars around. Have a sneak peek…


 4) Koh Tao- Thailand

 As I said before, the reputation of the Thai beaches is not to be done. Even though, the majority of them are very touristic and it is difficult to find yourself alone on a quiet beach. It is not the case on the Koh Tao beach which is not very large and not yet wasted by the mass tourism. Furthermore, it is one of the best places to learn diving. Run there quickly before it’s too late.


5) Gili’s- Indonesia

 A bit like the Philippines, Indonesia and its numerous islands is bordered by beaches. My preference goes to the three small beaches off Lombok. We can make the tour walking within a few hours: no cars, no running water, and no electricity everything is made to relax and break up from the world. Go there you’ll enjoy it…


Update from the 09/10/12

 I come back from a trip in the Seychelles and the beaches are so beautiful that I have to modify my Top 5 to make it a Top 6. The ranking is going to be completely changed. Indeed, my new favourite beach in the world is in the Seychelles.

1) For me the new most beautiful beach in the world: Anse Source d’Argent- La Digue

 I can say that all beaches in the Seychelles are beautiful and that we could make a Top 5 of the most beautiful beaches only with the ones of this country. But for more diversity, I only choose one and it is Anse Source D’Argent in La Digue. It is a dream beach with white sand, turquoise blue water, granite rocks. I let you admire it.


 And for you? Which one do you consider the most beautiful? Do not hesitate to share your impressions and tell us about your dream places on the still unknown seaside landscapes.

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  • Iskandar

    Malaysia has some amazing beaches and islands too (The first Survivors were filmed in Malaysia) but we got pirates to be aware of.

    Sipandan and islands near Phillipines are notorious for separatists and well-equipped pirates. I envy those who’ve been there.

  • Christina

    I love that photo of the beach in South Africa – Camps Bay. For me, the most beautiful beach I’ve been to is probably on Naviti Island, Fiji.


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